SJRAS CIA Cat Questionnaire



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About Your CIA Working Cat's Environment


Now All the Legal Mumbo Jumbo Our Lawyers Tell Us We Have to Include

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. A refusal may not indicate any shortcomings on the part
of the prospective adopter, but perhaps reflects that a particular pet may not do well in the circumstances offered.
Our years of experience and information from national organizations such as HSUS and AHA
are our guide in arranging a successful adoption.

By hitting the SUBMIT button below I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.

I also certify that all information given by me in this application is true & complete. I further understand that any falsified information that I give will terminate action on the adoption process. I certify that I understand that SJRAS will NOT be able to contact me to update the status of my adoption.

By Checking this box I authorize release/disclosure of records and/or other information concerning all of the above inquiries (including but not limited to employment, tenancy & veterinary records.

I am aware that in order to follow up with my adoption I must contact the SJRAS office within 24-48 hours after submitting this application.

Having a CIA Agent on Your Property Requires Certain Standards to be Upheld. Please Read the CIA Cat Information Page. (This page will open in a new window so as to not inturrupt your completing the hiring form)
In order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding we ask that you read the Adoption Process & Illness Information. This document will open in a separate window so as to not interrupt your completing the questionnaire.

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